Top 5 Dresses That Will Make Your Daughter Like a Princess

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If you have a daughter who wants to feel like a princess, check out these gorgeous dresses from Pink Princess. As a mother of two girls who love fancy dresses, I know how much fun girls can have dressing up. Also, be sure to enter our giveaway at the bottom of this post for a chance to win a $75 gift card to their online store.

And I agree! To be honest… I think being a mom of girls is more fun because I get to dress them in fancy dresses.My girls always say how much better it is to be a girl than a boy because girls get to wear pretty dresses.  (To moms of boys, please forgive my honesty.)

When I’m picking out dresses for my girls for a special occasion or photoshoot, I love to shop online. It’s easier to see a wide variety of colors and styles.

I was blown away by the extraordinary number of designs available from Pink Princess. I browsed through pages of dresses trying to choose my favorite.

Here are my 5 top picks of girls’ dresses for special occasions or photoshoots that will truly make your daughter feel like a princess.

Lilac Lace and Tulle Dress


White & Pink Tulle Dress with Multi-Color Flower Waistband


Navy Taffeta Dress with Flower Lace Overlay

Purple Lace Flower Bodice Dress with Ribbon


Pink Girls Organza Dress with Lace Bodice