Say “Hello” To Hello Simone

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Hello Simone is a Parisian brand created by Tifenn Duchatelle in 2014.

Simone explores faraway places and meets new people. Back in Paris, the young explorer shares and converts her adventures and imaginations in a unique children’s clothing line.

Hello Simone shapes an elegant and colorful fashion line for little girls between the ages of 2 and 12 years old.

For this Spring / Summer collection Tifenn came up with some delightful colour combinations and really fabulous striped pieces. Stripes are no new invention but it all depends on how to use them. I love this poplin dress – so chic!

Say "Hello” To Simone Say "Hello” To Simone Say "Hello” To Simone Say "Hello” To Simone Say "Hello” To Simone

I really like the sleek silhouettes. The dresses I would really wear myself.

Green or yellow?