Comfortable And Soft Poupée Kids

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I met the founder and designer of Poupée, Christina, during Pitti Bimbo.

I saw the A/W 2017 collection that I am sharing here live and absolutely love the poetic idea and universe behind the brand.

Christina is a young mother from Greece with a theatrical background. She is inspired by humor and contrasts and her arty and artful designs are constantly playing around with the element of surprise. Each and every garment is made with passion, is full of life, poetry and laughter.

The collections always have a theme and for Winter 2017 it is “Les Briccolos”. Inspired by the make-believe world of kids who celebrate everyday life as if it is a theatrical play, but without the drama.

Poupée Kids Poupée Kids Poupée Kids Poupée Kids Poupée Kids Poupée Kids


I absolutely adore the images for the collection. Styled by Christina herself, showing her theater background and making you smile picture by picture!

“Les Briccolos”, is a whimsical collection. All pieces are full of little surprises {you know how much I love great details} that add just the right amount of freshness and excitement. The clothes are wearable yet very playful – you never know when the next performance is calling your name.

“After all, kids themselves consider the simple and the extravagant as equal. To them, glitter and bows are not red carpet material. To them, a Lego piece is a castle, plush toys are real pets and clothing is exactly like the “Briccolos” line; 50% fabric, 50% laughter!”