Children’s Cloth Lena Lieb New Arrival

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Have you heard about lena lieb already? Yea, it is a brand from Berlin.

Lena is a trained tailor who studied fashion designer and traveled around the world to work for some ‘big names’. Once this lifestyle became a little to overwhelming Lena came back to Berlin, worked with students at the university and had a baby.

Children's Cloth Lena Lieb New Arrival

This is where lena lieb starts: Lena was looking for high quality kids wear made from silk and wool for her daughter. She found that very little and then not very fashionable. The design mum started to make her own clothes.
Children's Cloth Lena Lieb New Arrival

With a lot of love, passion as well as desire to keep our earth clean Lena makes some very adorable pieces for babies and kids. Everything is organic and from local suppliers {keeping transportation short} and every factory as well as supplier has the GOTS certification.

Lena designs the patterns and prints, all fabrics are made and screen printed exclusively for her. And then Lena sews. The knitted pieces are done by elderly ladies.

I love when brands have background stories like this. I always feel it makes a big difference when putting our kids in those garments and we know how much love was put into making them!

Children's Cloth Lena Lieb New Arrival

Have a look at the new collection. Very lovely prints, tight fits {which I like because it is easier to put a jumper or jacket over the onesie and you see the yummy baby arms much better}  and the wool/silk mix is great for babies skin. Keeps them warm in winter and cool in summer!

And as a little treat for you – I am running an Instagram competition together with lena lieb. We are giving away one item from her collection. Your favourite item! You can choose the one you love most {except the Stulpen Uhu suit and Girlitz vest}. Jump over to my IG for a chance to win! Good luck!

Children's Cloth Lena Lieb New Arrival