Children Fashion: Chic Malu Organic

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Malu Organic has a little story  which started some time during our epic road trip this summer. We were in Santa Barbara and just wandering through the city on the way to the park. We were looking for a little shop or cafe to take some drinks. When we stumbled upon a little corner with a cute cafe, a French bakery and two shops. They looked quite interesting from the other side of the road which was very necessary to check this all out. Of course!

In one of those shops I discovered Malu Organic.

A few days later I then discovered that the shop, called DIANI, has a blog that I follow for quite some time. That was why I had the feeling that I know where I am without really knowing because I have never been there before. If that makes any sense to you.

And then I wanted to tell you about Malu but there were not many lovely pictures on their website. Until now. With the launch of their new A/W collection they also did a little look book and I am happy to introduce you to Malu Organic today.

Children Fashion: Chic Malu Organic Children Fashion: Chic Malu Organic Children Fashion: Chic Malu Organic Children Fashion: Chic Malu Organic Children Fashion: Chic Malu Organic Children Fashion: Chic Malu Organic

It is a family business, creating beautiful, high quality, sustainable kids clothes. Everything is made from a 55% hemp & 45% organic cotton blend that is great for your child’s skin and better for the environment. {than non-organic} It is soft, light and very durable.

We’ve created an ethical brand that is 100% Eco-friendly, using the softest, most comfortable fair-trade organic cotton and hemp fabrics, and environmentally friendly, solvent-free inks and natural dyes. We strive to be sustainable and to have a small footprint, sourcing our materials from as close to home as possible.We use organic cotton because farming cotton conventionally requires more chemicals than any other crop, so choosing organic means our water, soil, and air are a little better off.

The design and print is done in the brand’s own studio. The rest in downtown LA. Using fabrics made in the USA, or from fair-trade sources.

Malu Organic create their own colors and all pieces are garment dyed, giving them the unique feel of each piece.

When I saw the brand in store I was smitten right away!