Trendy Dsenyo Fair Trade Fashion Accessories

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Baby Clothes

Dsenyo, a fair trade fashion and accessories company empowering women around the world to support themselves and their families, just launched an adorable expanded collection for moms and babies hitting stores this month.


By supporting Dsenyo we can further this mission and Bell & Ross Replica Watchesdiscover unique, artisan made clothing and accessories. Such great gift-giving potential! These snugglies are my fave:

After living in Malawi, artist Marissa Perry Saints founded Dsenyo in an effort to create opportunity for hard-working women and create sustainable jobs in communities where opportunities are scarce or simply nonexistent.

Through their work with Dsenyo, African and Brazilian producers can improve their skills to work their way out of poverty. Dseyno provides artisans with training, support, and all materials needed to create these unique items. With the fair labor wage they earn, producers can reinvest in growing their local business, pay school fees for their children, and buy clothing, fertilizer and household goods that they couldn’t otherwise afford.


Samples provided.