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summer skit

Cabin fever has hit here. Really hard! It’s been a little over 3 weeks with my cast. And even so I can walk without the crutches I cannot go really far. Weather has been bad too. And all this sitting and starring at the screen is driving me crazy.

In a bit I am off to a lunch with a friend {picking me up, I am so lucky} and this week end I will just need to stretch my capabilities and go out. Crossing fingers the weather is with me…

But stop with the whining now and lets have a look at this week’s Friday List! Full of inspiration – kids fashion, kids rooms, news from our favourite shops and brands…

New collection from Main Sauvage!

cheese box DIY KIDS ROOM MAIN SAUVAGE maisoneoz maisoneoz mini moon portable dolls bed smmer skit sweet potato eggplant and cauliflower bechamel lasagne

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