ooh noo Brings The Cosiest New Year Novelties

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As a brand that makes us feel at home, ooh noo shows that warm and lovely feeling of comfort. Bedding, toys, decoration…the whole range of products shares two main features: quality and design.

New year is a special time when the word “home” gets a most important meaning. This is why ooh noo is the perfect place to find the perfect  presents for your little ones. Don’t miss the new Collection!

ooh noo

We are sure they will sleep happy while Santa leaves all the presents underneath the tree. These bedding sets are not only cute but also resistant and specially designed for them so their dreams will be covered and protected with lots of love!

You can keep everything organised with this wonderful wooden toy chest on wheels. Kids will take it everywhere! They can even use it to keep this fabulous memory game, don’t you think?

ooh noo

But New year also requires a magic atmosphere, create it with this fantastic and original ornaments, they will fill your home with Christmas joy! Have you seen those funny cushions? Mr. and Mrs Gingerbread have their own home! What a beautiful and original idea! They will become your kids’ Christmas roommates!

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