Mouse in the House: Pure and Soft

4 years ago cowgu Comments Off on Mouse in the House: Pure and Soft

Mouse in the House is the name of a fairy-tale like new knitwear brand for kids and babies. It was inspired by nature and very dreamy and whimsy. The new arrivals  are perfect for this season.

Mouse in the House was created by husband and wife Ashley and Scott Jensen who is living in a rural community near Seattle. They raise two young daughters and being surrounded by natural beauty, the business was born out of a love for knitting and an obsession with high quality children’s products.

Beautiful things are made through patience, attention to detail, and ideal circumstances. We strive to honor that process by creating goods for children using ancient crafts such as hand knitting and embroidery that require slow stitch after slow stitch, employing women in developing nations at an above-average wage, and seeking out nature’s finest materials.

The beautiful embroideries remind me of the fern we find in the forest and the tiny mittens are just waiting to be worn by little hands. And I will say it again – high quality knitted garments can be passed down to siblings, kept for grand children and will become a memory of a wonderful period in your child’s life. Everything is made from pure and soft merino wool.

And it is companies like these that make the love for small businesses grow. The stories, the passion, the people behind it, the deep will to produce sustainable and high quality products. Values, love and believe me… every order one makes puts a smile on their face!

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