MABLI – Merino Wool knits for kids

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Beautiful knitwear seems like a magnet, which is THE thing right now. I have never seen so many cashmere, alpaca, merino etc etc etc pieces and brands before. It is great to see these for kids! Slow fashion needs more attention. And more fans.

MABLI was launched just a few months ago. In October 2016.

The founder and designer, Lisa Roberts, creates vintage inspired collections of 100% Merino Wool knits from birth to six years. Designed in Wales.

Lisa used to work as a women’s knitwear designer but was always intrigued by children’s wear. Today she has two kids who inspire her work.

MABLI – Merino Wool knits for kids MABLI – Merino Wool knits for kids MABLI – Merino Wool knits for kids MABLI – Merino Wool knits for kids MABLI – Merino Wool knits for kids

The inspiration for the season focused around a traditional Welsh Tapestry pattern, which seemed perfectly fitting given our dramatic change in lifestyle from city life to the edge of the Brecon beacons, and will remain a key focus in future MABLI collections.

Everything is made from soft 100%  extra fine Merino wool. It’s very soft against the skin and machine-washable. A perfect mix of practicality and luxury.

Lisa wants the merino wool to remain the core of the {future} collections.

‘We have also introduced the very popular Cotton Knee-High Socks, which again take inspiration from the beautiful designs and patterns of Welsh Tapestry blankets.’ They are so pretty!

The socks are Made in Wales, and the garments across Europe. All manufacturers and suppliers MABLI works with have ethical working practices, and use high quality materials and manufacturing processes.

You know we talked about knitwear here on Paul & Paula lots and lots. You know I am a fan. And I love to see the change and how it becomes more and more recognition. Never forget that high quality knitted pieces can be worn for a long time. They last forever. Can be passed on to siblings and will be beautiful hand downs. They never go out of style!

Looking forward to follow the journey of MABLI!