Lil’ Lemons by For Love Lemons

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lil lemons

For Love & Lemons founders, Gillian and Laura, always dreamed of creating a baby and kids line.

One day, they knew, they would have little kiddos running around and wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to design clothes for them. And that is what happened: Gillian became a mama, and Lil’ Lemons was created!

The focus of the line was to make the fit really great, the garments easy to put on, and the fabrics to be really soft and non-toxic, with a special fashion forward aesthetic.

We want the best for our little ones, so we worked hard on all the elements of the line. We are very hands on with the pieces, we give them to our other mama friends to test out and give us feedback about fit and function before adding the piece to the collection. We are also proud to say the entire collection is made in downtown LA.