Kids Fashion Trends That You Can’t Miss In 2016

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In the upcoming season, kids fashion almost completely repeats adult fashion trends. Designers have decided that kids deserve not only comfortable but also stylish outfits.  Kenzo in his collections dressed mothers and daughters, fathers and sons in the same outfits. By the way, this year, in addition to kid’s clothes, even jewelry trends and tendencies 2016 for kids is much like adult fashion jewelry.The materials from which it is proposed to sew fashionable kids clothing, accessories, and used trends looks like copied from adults magazines.
Kids clothing for growth is another direction of kid’s fashion, which many designers are developing with great interest.

Kids Fashion Trends 2016
Kids fashion trends have turned also to folk style: fashion designers decorated kid’s clothes with various style embroideries, beautiful lace, fringe, appliqués and ribbons.

Many fashion houses have preferred fabrics with colored prints and indistinct patterns, resembling watercolor drawings for creating kids clothes new collections. As for color, kids fashion trends 2016 are inclined towards natural colors – beige, cream, light blue, sand, and coffee.
Another kid’s fashion trend 2016 is kids’ pants-transformers, because they are very convenient for summer time and they will be useful during the summer voyage. This model not only allows kids to look stylish, it also has the advantage as a practicality, and they are easily converted, depending on the situation in shorts or knickerbockers.