Kids Fashion Clothes – Ideas to Make Them More Stylish

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There are so much shopping malls and international schools that parents have become much more brand conscious that they actually were. From the shoes to clothes, everything is advanced. There are numerous designers who are specializing in kids fashion clothes and the eye-catching designs and outline of the shops, both real and virtual is far-reaching Read More

Lovely Cheeky Green Dinosaur Coat

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Our little monster will be fit for some forest foraging in our Cheeky Green Dinosaur Coat! It’s fully equipped with soft felt claws and teeth, a ridged hood, back, and tail, and a quilted tummy panel. Crafted entirely of soft wool blend felt, this is one coat you may have a challenge getting your child Read More

Tips Let Kids Choose What They Wear

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“The last time I chose her outfit, she cried the entire way to day care,” says the Traverse City, Michigan, mom. “As soon as I picked her up in the afternoon, she stripped in the car and refused to put her clothes back on. I ended up buckling her in that way.”A few months ago, Read More

7 Tips For You to Dress Your Child for Audition

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We got some strange looks from the parents of kids in her age group, who probably thought that was the only outfit she owned. That year she booked 21 commercials, 18 of which had her actually wear that outfit in the commercials! She wore that outfit until it was held together by safety pins, and Read More

Tips Help You To Dress Your Child In The Colder Weather.

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First, we all know how hard it is to switch the clothes out each season.The point is that many children are running around not properly dressed for various reasons, and I’m going to set you straight on it once and for all. Those of us who are not squandering our salvation by living in the Read More